Our Little Roots | FAQ


What is an Our Little Roots box?

An Our Little Roots box is a monthly box of all the necessary gardening supplies needed to help you or your child begin their very own garden. All our seeds are non-GMO and the soil is high-quality organic.

How does it work?

We make it easier to grow your seeds. Our survey is designed to get you the perfect seeds and get growing quick. From there we will develop a box each month tailored to your specifications and send it off to you or your child to enjoy.

How are the seeds selected?

We select seeds based on the season of the year and if it can withstand most climates. We ship out 3 types of seeds a month so it needs to be very hardy and able to withstand most climates.

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Absolutely. At checkout you would put in the recipients address and we'll send them a box courtesy of you! How nice!

How are the boxes priced?

Our boxes are priced on a monthly basis.

Can I cancel?

If for any reason at all you aren't satisfied, cancelling is super easy. We won't hassle you about leaving and you'll be welcome back at any time. We do not offer full refunds so if you subscribe for a 3,6 or 12 month plan and cancel early you will receive money back on what you had not used from your plan. We also charge a refund fee for processing refunds as we are charged through our payment processor for these types of transactions.

Do you give refunds on shop items?

All items sold in the shop are non-refundable unless defective. If you think your item is defective please email us at [email protected] with your order number and why you believe it is defective. We will process your order accordingly.

What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel before the cut-off date of the 4th, you're box will not be shipped. Cancelling after shipping will allow you to recieve your box and close your account correctly.

What is the cut-off and when do boxes get shipped?

The cut-off for each month is the 4th at 11:59pm. We then ship boxes between the 5th and 7th.